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We build web front-ends, foster communities, and help companies write better code.

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Functionite is a front-end company focusing on the state-of-the-art user experiences for the web applications. We build advanced cross-device web interfaces in JavaScript and HTML5. Functionite guarantees code quality of the provided code through internal code reviews, pair programming sessions, brainstorming complex problems within the team and more.

All of these practices are based on know-how gathered by working on the projects for some of the biggest names in the industry: Nokia, Roche or Airbnb to name a few. Functionite senior team consists of employees with 5+ years of experience in the field and the founder can be considered veteran with more than 10 years of commercial experience and even more as Open Web enthusiast.

expert knowledge
(SVG, canvas, advanced JS)
focus on people
(we listen first!)
(we remember spacer.gif)

About us

We are JavaScript experts

Functionite was founded by Damian Wielgosik, experienced JavaScript programmer, organizer of developer events, and Open Web enthusiast. Our company has been always involved into JavaScript research and community projects.

Functionite has a rich history of running meetups for JavaScript developers called meet.js (up to 200 attendees per event, 4000 followers), co-organizing Front-Trends conference (450+ attendees from all over the Europe) and discussion groups for professional front-end developers (JS News - 4500 users).

We share with you

We blog passionately about the best parts of JavaScript, as well as speak at multiple international conferences about front-end development. Our slide decks were viewed by thousands of developers.

As we live in times of a constant technology advancements, our aim is to deliver the best parts of our experiences to help communities move forward. As our careers were built upon free access to the knowledge, now our mission is to never forget about giving back by creating more educational materials for free.

We build communities

Functionite is dedicated to foster open tech communities. That's why we created meet.js meetup - an open JavaScript meetup that has been adopted by over 20 volunting organizers around Poland who organize meet.js events in their home cities (10 different locations in Poland) every month.





We are the originators of meet.js, which now takes place in 10 different cities in Poland gathering hundreds of front-end developers sharing their knowledge for free each month.


Meet.js Summit


Meet.js Summit 2014 in Poznań appeared to be a perfect answer for the market needs we observe in recent years in JavaScript land. Tens of sponsors and partners, almost 20 speakers and 350 guests. All for free, because... why not?


Your Workshop

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Want to learn Backbone.js, Angular.js? Is your company investing more in web application development, so you're keen on becoming an expert in JS? We are here to share our best experiences with you! Order an exclusive workshop now!

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