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JavaScript has become one of the most powerful tools to create profitable web businesses due to its flexibility, unlimited feature set, and high portability. As a new developer or professional who wants to deliver a unique and attractive experience to your users—both on desktop and mobile—you just can’t live without it. At Functionite, we’ve spent thousands of hours working on JavaScript and building a global JavaScript community.

Now, we want to share our expertise with you, whether you’re a freelance web developer, corporate team, or beginner, we will teach you how to unlock the full potential of JS at any skill level. We invite you to sign up for our one-of-a-kind workshops where we focus on teaching you with real-life examples and practical exercises that enable you to use and improve your work as a JavaScript developer right away.

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The Basics JavaScript workshop

In The Basics Workshop, you will learn basic programming concepts and understand how browsers work. By the end of the workshop, you will have coded your very own JavaScript application using the very latest in modern drag and drop functionality and HTML5 APIs. You’ll also learn DOM fundamentals and learn how professionals manipulate them without support from external libraries.

Workshop Topics

  • Programming intro ~120 min
  • Browser programming intro ~60 min
  • HTML5 & CSS vs. JavaScript ~120 min
  • Animations and interactivity ~60 min
  • What is DOM? ~120 min
  • My first app ~180 min

About us

We are JavaScript experts

Functionite runs workshops, events and knowledge bases dedicated to teaching professional, modern Javascript. Functionite was founded by Damian Wielgosik, experienced JavaScript coach, JS community builder, developer event organizer, and Open Web enthusiast.

Our EcmaScript 5 slides are one of the most popular knowledge sources on new features in JavaScript with over 20,000 unique views.

"A lot of experts communicate their thoughts in a very formal way, however Damian is so nice and his dedication is a great advantage."

Workshop attendee

"Great massive presentation!"

Johan Bove, Software Engingeer at CGI Information Systems and Managment Consultants (Deutchsland) GMBH

We share with you

We blog passionately about the best in JavaScript, so that you are always in the loop about the latest in professional JS development. Our founder’s blog is the most popular JavaScript blog in Poland, reaching over 10,000 monthly readers.

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We build communities

Our mission at Functionite is to not only teach good JavaScript, but to foster communities of talented developers. There is nothing more important to us than improving the developer community with events like meet.js. We bring together the best talent from around the globe to learn, share, and discover from each other.

We strive to be Open

Our programmers are always accessible to share knowledge and answer your questions in-person or over the net. We often contribute to Open Source projects, run Open Web initatives, and promote open web technologies and practices at our events.

If you have an interesting open source project, or just want to say hi, don't hesitate to contact us!

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We are the originators of meet.js, which now take place in 5 different towns in Poland gathering hundreds of front-end developers sharing their knowledge for free each month.


Falsy Values

One of the most successful JavaScript conferences in Poland. Falsy Values - Workshops & Conference turned up over 250 attendees for 2 full days of intensive learning.


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